Tio Dragonfly Ball Pet Collar - Blue

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Luxury Japanese pattern cat collar with dragonfly balls. Easy to install with a secure magnetic type that comes off when force is applied. [How to use]-This product is for cats. Do not use for anything other than cats.・To prevent accidents, do not use on cats other than the applicable size. Also, be sure to fully understand the habits of cats before purchasing products.・Be careful not to accidentally swallow debris from a person or pet. In case of accidental ingestion, consult a doctor.・Do not use cats that use pacemakers. -Please use this product correctly. We do not take any responsibility for accidents caused by incorrect usage, disassembly, repair or modification. -This product cannot be set on a drawstring or chain, so do not use it for walks or for staying outside.・If used by a child, be sure to have an adult present. -Because the dragonfly balls are glass, be careful not to drop them or hit them hard.・Because this product is a consumable item, be sure to inspect it before use, and replace it with a new product when scratches such as fraying, fluffing, and cracks become noticeable after about 6 months. -This product will be cut or damaged if your pet bites or is scratched.・If you dislike cats, do not use them forcibly. -Be sure to wear this product with 2 or 3 fingers, and always inspect it for tightness.・Color may fade due to water getting wet or rubbing. Be especially careful with pale-haired cats.・Do not use or store near fire or water.・Keep children, children, people with dementia, and pets out of reach. [Caution] ・Although the applicable dog breed is displayed based on the standard body type, be sure to actually measure it before purchasing and check the applicable size.・Product specifications are subject to change without notice.・ When disposing, follow the instructions of each local government.・We take every possible measure for quality control, but if you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Office.

Package Size : (W)55x (H)185 x (D)15(mm)
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Polyester dragonfly ball : Glass