I-ÄRA SX-70 Ever ready Case

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The old folks of Polaroid SX-70 always say, “Get the ever ready case for SX-70 if you can”. Ever ready case of Polaroid SX-70 has the smartest design ever. It lets you shoot at once by simply putting down the cover. However, the design also makes the cover swinging while shooting that affects the stability, which is the known weakness.

In order to increase the steadiness when shooting with Polaroid SX-70 and make it less clumsy, I-m-ageplayground especially introduces “I-ÄRA”, a new designed ever ready case according to the shape of Polaroid SX-70. It reserves the merits of the genuine design and improves the case with adding buttons at the bottom that can fix the position of cover. The little trick just brings major stability when shooting!

I-ÄRA is all handmade by genuine leather with fine craftsmanship, which black and brown colors are available for options. You may create your own style with different combinations of cases and the colors of camera bodies. I-ÄRA is a perfect solution of replacement for the genuine case and also an option that lets you feel the swiftness of ever ready to shoot.