Hayashi Cat Dental

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Also, when the kneading-type dental toy nyokynoki brush bites, it bites into the teeth and removes plaque! I'm crazy about the fragrance that I love again! 3D body that is soft and easy to bite and fluctuates. It is more effective than usual. Made in Japan Patented [How to use] ● Please be sure to read the instruction manual before use and use it correctly. Please keep it in a safe place after reading it. [Cleaning method]-[Caution] ・Protect the application and target.・Do not use or store the product within the reach of children.・Do not use near fire or near stairs or other easily collapsed objects.・When used by a child, an adult is present for safety.・To prevent accidental ingestion (especially for young cats), observe the following. ○Check the damage before use and do not use if the damage is noticeable ○Play with a good understanding of the cat's personality and habit/physical condition ○Always play in public ○Toy once while biting for a long time Stop using if scratches start to stand out ○ Store after play so that the cat does not touch it ○ If you accidentally swallow it, consult a veterinarian immediately ・Feel that reaction is too strong If so, stop using it.・Should you observe any abnormalities in your cat, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian.

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: TPR polypropylene Also たび
Package Size : (W)100 x (H)185 x (D)20(mm)