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This watch is made with 1960s British-Hong Kong colonial coin designed by Mr Cecil Thomas,  who is a British sculptor and medallist. As a sculptor, he created many private memorials for display in churches and cemeteries and as a medallist was regularly commissioned by the Royal Mint. The coin is minted by Heaton and Sons, one of the longest-running and most prolific private mints in the world. From the observed side. It shows a crowned and draped bust of the Queen facing right with QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND and on the reverse side, at the centre the heraldic crest of the Colony, the upper part of a crowned lion rampant holding a globe; below, 1960; around, HONG KONG ONE DOLLAR,  the words divided by four Chinese characters.


  • Two-faced designed with the real British-Hong Kong Colonial Coin protected with double layer sapphire crystal. 
  • Power: Japanese-made Y12 quartz 3-hand movement
  • 316 Stainless Steel Case
  • Luminous hand with a diamond cut
  • Genuine leather
  • Proudly designed and made in our city of Hong Kong
  • Watch box is included with the watch

    Urban Time Imagination 由來

    Urban Time Imagination是一個來自香港的手錶品牌,有超過20年以上的大品牌手錶的代工經 . Hysan的嫲嫲生前愛儲硬幣,過去喜歡儲下了1960-90鑄造的壹圓硬幣。當她去世後,Hysan便以她的收藏設計出一款雙面設計的手錶,再送贈予一眾親友以紀念親愛的祖母。其後在親友的鼓勵下,Hysan決定將設計推出市面,成為Urban Time Imagination誕生後第一個自家產品 - Signature Series

    Urban Time Imagination - 內外如一的設計概念

    人們為了得到別人的認同,往往會作出妥協。但往往作出妥協之後,反而忽略自己。Urban Time Imagination 希望配戴者會記得“Be Yourself , Do Different”的信念,希望大家可以在城市 生活的時間 (Urban Time)中重新找到自己,不要為了得到別人的認同,而作出種種妥協。在 手錶的設計上,Urban Time Imagination把信念融入, 透過獨特的雙面設計 (Signature Double- Layered Design) 表達內外如一的哲學理念。因為只有內外如一才可以做到自己,而做自己才 可以有無限的想像 (Imagination),無限的可能。




    • Urban Time Imagination 「內外如一」概念:
    • 直徑: 42mm / 錶帶闊度: 20mm
    • 日本機芯
    • 316不鏽鋼殼
    • 鑽石切割夜光指針
    • 真皮錶帶
    • 香港設計
    • 連錶盒