Fomapan 100 R S/W Direct Positive Film 135/36

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  • Filmtype: Black&White Slide
  • Film Format: 35 mm
  • Speed: ISO 100/21°
  • Length: 36exp.

Fomapan 100R Transparency Film:

This ISO 100/21° film is coated on a clear film base, and delivers BW transparencies (slides) with very good tonal range and sharpness.
The film must be developed by reversal process. We recommend the Foma BW Reversal Kit (enough for 8 films).

The Fomapan R can NOT be developed as a standard BW negative Film, because the anti-halation layer does not dissolve in the standard BW chemistry. This film uses a technology similar to that of E6-process color films, and is strictly a transparency (slide) film.