Glass Premium Pilsner

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Commitment to grass [Thin-blown via grass]
Thin-blown via grass is a glass pursuing a palatable mouth wall thickness that allows you to taste the taste of beer, crisp, scent directly. A moderate constriction is easy to hold, it is a simple form that does not get tired. Moreover, it can be used safely and securely because it is durable and difficult to break due to full ion ion reinforcement. It is with a sticker that stands out at the sales floor.

【Premium Pilsner】
A unique streamlined stylish sculpture that imitated the flow of beer to the mouth was applied to the inner surface without any other via grass. It is easy to hold, it has a good mouthfeel. When you pour a beer, you can slide the beer along the sculpture, you will feel tasty with eyes, you can enjoy the taste in the throat.

【Bias shredding】
The taste of beer tastes by tastefully striking. A good sign of glass with bubbles, and a signature that stands out in the "Kire 's glasses" shape that you can feel the goodness of your drinks are included in the product ※ There are not in various boxes