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This strap is a scaled down version of our very popular Slim strap, and it is purposely designed for small cameras.

The strap cord is made of heavy leather, the endings and leather discs from top grain cowhide leather and the neck pad is made from a very soft calfskin.

Our most popular strap just got smaller!

The modern trend on digital cameras is to make them powerfull yet small.

Meet the first strap designed purposely for those compact bodies such as the Olympus Pen and Olympus OMD series, Leica X, Q and Digilux, Fuji X70 and X100, Panasonic Lumix & others.

Please note that this strap is build just like its bigger brother, the Slim strap,  meaning it is very strong, so if you are searching for the less obstructive camera strap even if it is for a bigger camera, this is it.

The leather cord is only 6mm wide and the neckpad not only is less than 10mm in diameter, it is also made of super comfortable calfskin.

Comes with smaller 14mm split rings to attach it to your camera plus 2x 22mm soft leather discs to protect your camera from getting scratched by the strap metal parts.

Best for those that like to wrap the strap along the arm while taking pictures and for those that want a strap that is less obstructive, light and very compact.

*Best for:

- Leica X, Leica Q, Leica Digilux;

- Fuji X100, Fuji X70, Fuji X-E2;

- Olympus Pen & Olympus OMD;

- Panasonic GF, GM and GX series;

- Sony Nex, Sony RX1,Nikon 1, Pentax Q, etc.

** Also suites:

- Leica M or other rangefinder bodies;

- Fuji X-T1, X-Pro2;

- Sony A7, etc.

* Please check if it is compatible with your specific camera model.

** With standard prime lenses (best for a camera system < 1kg).

Technical data:

– 85 cm up to 135cm long;

– Shoulder pad is less than 10mm in diameter and 35cm long;

– Strap leather ending is 2,5cm long and about 3.5cm in total;

– 2x 14mm Stainless steel split rings;

– 2x 22mm smaller leather protection discs;

– Weight is approximately 35 grams (105cm strap).

Handmade in EU/Portugal