"Tokoname ware" Koban Cat

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Good luck beckoning cat.
It is a treasure box of Tokoname Yaki.

A white cat is a "blessed man"
A cat that raises the left hand has long been considered auspicious as a "visitor".

■ Tokoname: A pottery town with a history that is one of Japan's six ancient shrines.
Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, located on the west coast of Chita Peninsula facing Ise Bay, is the gateway to Central Japan International Airport (Centrea) and is known as a pottery town across the country with its narrow topography 6km east to west, 16km north to south,
Tokoname Yaki, which has a thousand years of history, is one of Japan's six ancient shrines.
  • (Size 4 )Height 13cm
  • (Size 5 )Height 16cm
  • (Size 6 )Height 19cm
  • (Size 8 )Height 25cm
  • (Size 10) Height 33cm