Mintia Cold Smash

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Instant refresh anytime, anywhere!
Cool mint that penetrates!
A super refreshing mint tablet with a strong cool feeling that penetrates through your throat and nose.

Package Size : 80X50X6mm
Individual packaging Weight : About 15g
Internal capacity : 50grain (7g)

Producing district: Japan
Main ingredient:

[ Ingredients ]
Sweetener ( Sorbitol アspa ルテーム・L-phenylalanine compound Acesulfame K ) Perfume essence Silicon dioxide granules Sucrose ester Gardenia blue pigment

[ Nutrition Facts Label ]
Energy ・・・22kcal
Proteins ・・・0.070g
Fat ・・・0〜0.3g
Carbohydrates ・・・6.8g
Sodium ・・・0mg
Sugars ・・・0g

[ Attention ]
・After opening the package, please consume as soon as possible.
・Temperature change By Case White Cotton state crystal with arriving することがsoldier がQuality Up 問題There is none
Standard supplement:

3かmoon that's all
Preservation method: