HASAMI Ware Porcelain Mug

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Kasaneyama pottery mug
zyuzan mugcup

Of 12 square, it was a very unusual shape, is like a circle, not a circle mug.

Cup body is also a rare form of the mug was also jittery handle.
Handle is a little narrow, but it felt easy large minute grip.

However, due to handle large, they tend to be unstable when stored repeatedly.
The better of the up to two-position looks good for stacking.

Color, dark green, caramel, dark brown, dark four colors of blue.

A feature of colored glaze, but will occur phenomenon that the color of the corner or edge portion becomes thin, at that thanks to, has become a beautiful mug of light and shade, such as containing 12 lines.

Morning coffee and cafe au lait in rice, the snack of the time, such as cocoa, which was placed in the Amager good marshmallows.

When the meals, when the snack also, calm color of the mug is the perfect tableware and compatibility you have.

  • (Size )9.0cm x Height 9.0cm
  • (1Pc capacity )300ml
  • (Weight )About 230g
  • There Are Individual Differences Please consider us as a guide , especially weight .
  • Country of manufacture: Japan(HASAMI)
  • Material / component: (material )porcelain
  • (Texture )slippery
  • (Painting method )
  • ・Colored glaze
  • Glaze with a color may often become uneven
  • The variation comes from the differences in location of in a kiln to a depth of color in the same color of the glaze
  • Since the glaze will flow from top to bottom Part of the edge becomes thinner It makes it easier to accumulate the glaze at the bottom
  • Although easier out as uneven color glaze of thin color Each There is also compatibility with dough Not Be Unconditionally
  • Deliver the vessel is Has been is the vessel determined to be non-defective also in our shop in pottery
  • Package: Individual box No Package
  • (Height )2 Pcs : 16.5cm
  • It is the approximate Height. Please forgive me some errors .