Fomapan 400 Retro Edition / 135 - 36exp.

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  • 定價 $50.00

For the upcoming 100-year anniversary of the founding of the company Foma has prepared a limited edition of black&white rollfilms FOMAPAN 100, FOMAPAN 200 and FOMAPAN 400 in beautiful packaging inspired by the design of the original boxes from the 1930s.

  • Filmtype: Black&White
  • Film Format: 35 mm
  • Speed: ISO 400/27°
  • Length: 36exp.

Films inside are identical to Fomapan rollfilms.Sensitivity: ISO 400/27°.

In the north-Bohemian town of Hradec Kralove, Foma has been producing photo materials since 1921.

The Fomapan 400 is a flexible, medium speed film which is relatively forgiving of errors in exposure. It tends to have a bit less negative density in the shadow areas.
This is the least expensive ISO 400/27° Film which is available in all formats from 35mm to sheet film.