Mt. Fuji Wooden Boxed Cup Set

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When you lie down, you will reach Mt. Fuji.
Not only red Fuji and blue Fuji, but also gorgeous gold and silver colors are available.
Enjoy your usual evening drink with the cute "Mt. Fuji Ochoko" lined up!

The blue double circle "Circle Dots" drawn on the bottom of the inoguchi.
This seems to be useful when looking at the "appearance" of the "appearance," "fragrance," and "taste," which are the three points when making sake.
The snake-eye inoguchi is a vessel originally made for sake, and you can see the color and shade of sake in the white part of the snake-eye, and the transparency and brilliance in the blue part.
  • Size:  5.2x 3.7cm 30ml
  • Material / component: porcelain