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Clean and juicy!
Grape tablet that you can enjoy the taste of Kyoho with a refreshing taste ♪
 Kyoho juice powder + aroma beads containing Kyoho juice + grape flavor chips.

Package Size : 78X48X6mm
Individual packaging Weight : About 16g
Internal capacity : 50grain

Case Size : 45X8.5 X22.5cm
Case weight : 3.7kg
Country of manufacture : Japan
Producing district: Japan
Main ingredient:

[ Name ]
Sei Ryo Sweet

[ raw materials ]
Grape juice powder / Sweetener (Sorbitol アspa ルテーム・L-phenylalanine compound Acesulfame K )Sucrose ester Acidulants Silicon dioxide granules Perfume essence V.C Coloring (Anthocyanins Gardenia )(Some of them contain gelatin )

[ Nutritional Information (1Item (7g)hit )]
Energy ・・・25kcaL
Proteins ・・・0.02〜0.3g
Fat ・・・0.07〜0.8g
Carbohydrates ・・・6.5 g(Sugars : 0g)
Salt equivalent ・・・0.00069g

[ Attention ]
・After opening the package, please consume as soon as possible.
Standard supplement:

3かmoon that's all

Preservation method:

Store away from high temperature and high humidity.