Fujifilm Fujicolor C200 / 135 - 36exp.

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Fujicolor C200 is a 135 / 35mm colour print film, sometimes referred to as a colour negative film. With 36 exposures and 200 ASA speed rating it is an ideal choice for all round / general photography. Designed for flexibility and ease of use, C200 works equally well outdoors and/or in daylight or indoors with flash. Accurate contrast and enhanced colour reproduction with a smooth fine grain structure for excellent detail. Suitable for general use including people and portraiture, sports, nature, architecture, landscapes and seascapes etc. Excellent results under a wide range of daylight conditions. Wide exposure latitude - will cope well with under and over exposure - a very forgiving film!

  • Enhanced skin tones
  • The perfect choice for natural looking portraits or group shots
  • Further refined sharpness
  • The kind of image quality and clarity you expect from 200 ASA film
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Excellent results under a wide range of daylight conditions