Deadcameras The Nano Neck Strap

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This strap is best suited for lightweight miniature cameras with a "loop" strap connection for a wrist strap, but making it also possible to carry the camera on your shoulder or neck. Nevertheless, it can work as a long wrist strap with the included "O" ring.
The total lenght of this strap is 90cm, making it perfect to be used at either your shoulder or neck, but still small enough to be also used as a long wrist strap.
The loop connector is made with Micro Cord - 1.12mm genuine U.S. Paracord, certified 100lb/45kg test line. Not only it is light weight, yet very strong and durable, it is also very thin so that it can be used on almost any of the small cameras available.
Best for miniature cameras like the Nikon 35ti, Contax T2/T3, Leica Minilux, Ricoh GR1, etc.
It can also be used on cameras with regular strap connectors for split rings, either directly (like in the case of the Olympus Pen F shown here in the photos) or with the included 14mm split ring plus leather disc protector.

Technical data:

  • - All edges are burnished and smoothed to make it comfortable to use;
  • – Approximately 50cm long from a single leather cord with 90cm;
  • - Included one 14mm split ring and one leather disc protector;
  • – Weight is approximately 22 grams.
  • Handmade in EU/Portugal