Deadcameras The Mini Strap

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This strap is designed for mirrorless and small cameras.

Handmade with premium leather. The strap itself is made of heavy leather and the pad, ending and protection discs from top grain leather.

Comes with a more compact shoulder pad with small strap endings.

This strap is perfect for the small, modern and classic compact cameras like the panasonic GM&Gf series, the Olympus Pen& OM-D series, the Fuji X-E and X-M series, the Fuji X100, the Sony Nex and A7 series or even for rangefinder cameras like the  Leica M.

With the most compact shoulder pad and small strap endings.

Comes with 16mm split rings to attach it to your camera plus 2 soft leather discs to protect your camera from getting scratched by the strap metal parts. Please note that with this strap design, even if you don´t use the discs, your camera is still very well protected because the split ring goes deep into the strap.

Best for small compact and lightweight cameras with less than 900 grams of total weight.

Technical data:

  • 110cm long;
  • Shoulder pad is about 2,2cm large and 26,5cm long;
  • Strap leather ending is only 3cm long;
  • 2x 16mm stainless steell split rings;
  • 2x leather protection discs;
  • Weight is approximately 55 grams.
  • Handmade in EU/Portugal