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Designed especially for cameras like the Leica M5, Leica CL, Hasselblad Xpan, Konica Hexar AF, Fuji GF670, etc.,  but it will also attach to almost any camera if you attach it to split rings.

Also, the link between the camera and the strap is more flexible and adjustable within a 10cm range.

4 color schemes for the leather plus the color option for the dot.



- Please note that the size of the strap lugs varies from camera to camera, for instance it fits perfectly the Fuji GF670, but it is a bit hard to attach to the Hexar RF. We cannot test the strap on all cameras so take note that the strap is 10 mm in width and 1.6mm in thickness. If you have any doubt please contact us.

- This strap uses friction to fasten up securely, please do check if it does not slip with a slight but firm push to both endings before you use the camera. This should increase friction and make it even more secure.

- Always leave some strap ending available for the strap to play.

- NEW! If you have a camera that takes split rings, we now include a pair of Leather protection discs + 16mm split rings.


Technical data:

- 90cm up to 130cm long;

- Shoulder pad is about 1,3cm in diameter and 35cm long;

- Strap leather ending is 3cm long;

- Strap connector is 10mm wide per 1.6mm;

- Included, a pair of leather protection discs + 16mm split rings;

- Weight is approximately 65 grams (110 cm strap).


Handmade in EU/Portugal