Maneki Neko Humidifier

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Mini humidifier No power supply required Natural vaporization

Just add water to the unglazed body. Moisture soaked in gradually evaporates and humidifies the bedside and around the desk.

*Put about 50 to 100 ml of tap water.
Pour water into the body. Water gradually soaks in.
*Water will seep out to some extent, so please use the attached saucer.

Inviting moisture and leaving it dry. Blessing stress release with a smile.
All parents and children invite good luck with a smile.

[2020 new work]

A cute cat calls Fukui.

The cat raising his right hand (front leg) invites good luck,
A cat raising its left hand (front leg) is said to invite people (guests).

Display it in your shop or room to bring in good luck.

Main Unit : 10x 10x H12 cm
Saucer : 11x 11x H2.5 cm

Material / component: Ceramic