Calbee Sapporo Potato BBQ Sauce Taste Potatoes Chips

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A snack that you can enjoy the deliciousness of potatoes, chicken and beef and the shape of Amiami. While maintaining the unique spice feeling, the mild richness of apples has been added to make the taste even more delicious and easy to eat.


  • Producing district: Japan

  • Main ingredient: flour Vegetable oil Potato starch ( Non-genetically modified ) Potatoes Dried Potatoes Kami-shin flour Sugar Table salt Poultry Onion powder Sauteed Onion ( Contains pork ) soy sauce ( Containing soybean ) cornstarch Pumpkin powder Chicken powder Apple puree Curry powder Hydrolyzed protein Powdered soy sauce Chicken Extract Powder Beef powder Yeast extract powder Garlic powder Black pepper powder Kelp extract powder Seasoned animal fat Fermented Yeast Extract Powder Apple juice powder / Condiment ( Amino acid, etc. ) Calcium carbonate Caramel color Perfume essence Sweetener ( licorice root ) Spice extracts Acidulants.

  • Standard supplement: 4 months.

  • Preservation method: Room temperature