Calbee Crisp Potato Chips - Consomm

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Calbee's tubular potato chips that you can enjoy a crisp texture anywhere. Seasoned with Calbee's representative flavor, consomme punch. Please enjoy the pleasant texture and deliciousness unique to Calbee.
  • 50g

  • Producing district: Japan

  • Main ingredient: Dried Potatoes ( Made in USA or Germany ) Vegetable oil Table salt Sugar cornstarch chicken Consomme Powder ( wheat ・Soybean ・Contains pork ) Powdered soy sauce powdered sauce ( Contains apples ) Spice powder Onion Extract Powder Chicken powder Tomato Powder Fermented tomato extract powder Beef consomme powder Carrot Powder Ume plum powder Seasoned animal fat / Emulsifier Condiment ( Amino acid, etc. ) Perfume essence ( Contains sesame ) Coloring ( caramel Carotenoids Red yeast rice ) Acidulants Sweetener ( Stevia ) Spice extracts.

  • Standard supplement: 12Months.

  • Preservation method: Room temperature.